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  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the review. It was very informative. Do you know if PHPRunner can access an external MS SQL Database via SOAP or REST ?

    Thanks again for your thoughts…

    • Hi Max, no, PHPRunner wont use a REST or SOAP service(s) as a data source. In fact you’d be crazy to try 🙂 PHPRunner provides one of the best engineered Data Access Layers (DAL) I’ve come across, but it talks to all the usual suspects such as MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer etc etc. If you try to (even if it was possible) interpose another data access layer between the real data and phprunner, you are losing most of the value of Phprunner. Basically, if you philosophically are okay with the database actually being your ‘model’, instead of the now ancient ten year old philosophy of trying to provide cached data services. seriously, MVC is dead for app developers or it should be 🙂 If you are willing to work with a toolset/framework, and not fight it, then you will get the most benefit. PHPRunner is brilliant at rapid development of data centric applications. If you are a developer who thinks a database is just somewhere to stash your objects.. then move on. PHPrunner is okay with business logic in the database. most devs i meet these days are not. So the question I would have for you is, if PHPRunner can manage the communication, security, and data management for you by talking to your database directly, and let you build applications 10 times faster than using your existing web services, why would you want to keep your web services? Build with PHPRunner in parallel to your current web services, and use those services (if they still have value) for existing legacy applications or external interfaces. Web service layers are so cheap to generate with a few days of code that inspects the data sources… I used to have to do that when I was building out JSON REST services for my Adobe Flex a few years back, or you can get commercial “instant” web services from people like my friends at Espresso Logic. Bottom line, if your need is for rapid application building, let PHPRunner do it directly with the database, and you will have the best of everything. And yes, PHPRunner can talk to multiple data sources in the same application (e.g, drawing on data in a MySQL database with data from a SQLServer database and pushing it out onto the same webpage. All straight out of the box. And if you prefer your platform to be microsoft oriented, the sibling product ASPRunner/.Net will do exactly the same thing. just depends what you are happy with as your front end extensibility. I prefer PHP, even when talking to SQLServer. Both products do the same thing though. Good luck with your choices!

  2. I am a former user of Iron Speed and now a user of ASPRunner.Net. I agree with your overall assessment of the software. It is a fantastic product. I also think it is very underrated.

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