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  1. dear paul
    want to know sending sms from selected records in phprunner 6.2 using ozeki sms server gateway same concept to send selected user email button on list page
    did u knw how to do that

    • Hi Ahsun, which bit are you having issues with? the PHPRunner loop control for processing selected records should be pretty much identical to the email sending examples that xlinesoft publish. Put a button in the button area above your list grid (where you see delete selected etc). In the button event, PHPserver side put:
      global $dal;
      while ( $data = $button->getNextSelectedRecord() ) {
      // do something with each record found…
      $ct = $ct + 1;
      $sql = “Update some_table set some_field = 1 where id = “.$data[“id”];

      $result[“txt”] = $ct . ” records were updated.”;

      In the javascript after_client event you can put some sort of “done” message
      var message = result[“txt”];

      You would clearly want to do some SMS message construction and then call the ozeki gateway to send your SMS. I have never used Ozeki server. For sending SMS messages there is a free and easy way, and all you do is send an email to the phone number at the carrier’s domain. e.g., if you want to send an SMS to 555-123-1234 and the cell subscriber is on Verizon, you would just send an email to 5551231234@vtext.com.
      All the carriers have a similar capability. This blogger http://20somethingfinance.com/how-to-send-text-messages-sms-via-email-for-free/ put a nice list of the carrier addresses together.
      Xlinesoft also put together a good tutorial on interfacing to Twilio to do the same job. you can find it at http://www.asprunner.com/forums/topic/22786-sending-record-data-via-sms/

      hope that helped you a little. Have fun!

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